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About CP Swim School

Collaroy Plateau Swim School began operation in June 2003. Since that time we have grown, becoming a unique boutique swim school that caters for participants from 6 months of age right through to adults. We pride ourselves on our friendly and personalised approach to our aquatic environment. Everyone is welcome at CPSS!

The swim school operates during school terms Monday though to Friday from 3 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM.

We conduct our classes in 32 degrees celsius water at RSL War Veterans Hydrotherapy Pool, Entrance C, Lantana Avenue, Collaroy Plateau.

AUSTSWIM and Swim Australia Certified

We are an AUSTSWIM and Swim Australia certified swim school. This means that we only employ the nationally recognised and certified AUSTSWIM instructors or instructors with an equivalent qualification. We pride ourselves on our passion for teaching swimming and water safety.

Swim Levels


These classes are conducted for infants and toddlers from 6 months to 3 years of age. Classes are facilitated by an AUSTSWIM certified instructor with an AUSTSWIM recommended facilitator/carer-child ratio of 1 to 8 (that is 1 instructor to 8 carer/child pairings).

The emphasis in these sessions is on water familiarisation for the participant in a fun and safe environment - with a little bit of singing along the way!

*NB: All Waterbaby classes (Beginner Waterbaby 1, Waterbaby 1 and Waterbaby 2) are only conducted on weekends.


Our Tadpole classes are recommended for preschool aged children who come independently into water. Once again, emphasis is on learning in a fun way whilst mastering the important swimming skills and water safety skills of bubbles, kicking and paddling as well as propulsion, floatation and breath control. These classes build up to doing "big arms" with an independent roll into back floatation and front floatation.

Teacher:Student ratio is 1:4


Our Frog classes begin their progression from "big arms" to bilateral breathing. We commence to learn our "bubble and breathe" routines in these classes. Towards the middle of this level we begin the concept of bi-lateral breathing ("bubble, bubble, breath arm" breathing). We also introduce backstroke kicking.

Teacher:Student ratio is 1:4


The Dolphin classes continue to learn the basics of bi-lateral breathing (ie "bubble, bubble, breathe") for the freestyle stroke. This class also commences working the length of the pool. We also work on some more backstroke drills and begin to introduce breaststroke (froggy) and butterfly (dolphin) kicking. This class also working on appropriate entries including safe diving.

Teacher:Student ratio is 1:4


The Swordfish classes build of the basics of bi-lateral breathing (ie "bubble, bubble, breathe") for the freestyle stroke. We work on doing more intricate drills for both freestyle and backstroke. We begin to introduce breaststroke arms and some timing for breaststroke and short distances of butterfly including the upper body. This class also working on appropriate entries including safe diving.

Teacher:Student ratio is 1:4


This class is the commencement of our 45min classes or "mini development squad" classes. There is more emphasis placed on endurance without sacrificing technique. All strokes are worked on during this class.

Teacher:Student ratio is 1:6

Our Instructors


Carolyn owns and operates Collaroy Plateau Swim School. She has been teaching since 2003. She also teaches Aerobics and Aquaaerobics.


Rachel has been with us since 2017. She loves teaching all levels in her classes and has wonderful patience and teaching qualities. Rachel has two young sons who keep her very busy outside of teaching swimming. 


Karen has many years of experience as a swimming teacher and has been teaching with us for more than six years.


The bubbly personality of Kris has been with the Team for threeyears. She loves teaching all levels and is passionate about teaching great technique ... and always with a gorgeous smile!!


Hannah has been teaching with us for four years. She brings with her a wealth of swimming knowledge. She is a great surf lifesaver and enjoys competing in ski and swimming events. Hannah is a wonderful asset to the swim school.