Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite often a question that you have has been asked by someone else. Check out our frequently asked questions and see if the answer is here first.

Q: How do I locate Collaroy Plateau Swim School?

A: The Swim School is located within the War Veterans Village. Enter via Entrance C, Lantana Avenue, Collaroy Plateau. Once you go in the entrance there is a sign on the left-hand side of the road reading "Pool" and a car parking area. The Swim School is adjacent to this car park.

Q: When does the Swim School operate?

A: The Swim School operates during school terms, Monday to Friday from 3.00 PM and weekends from 8.00 AM. We also conduct Intensive Swimming Programs during the school holidays.

Q: When are the Waterbaby classes conducted?

A: Our Waterbaby classes are conducted on weekends. At the moment the classes are on Saturday at 9.00 AM, 9.30 AM, 10.00 AM, 10.30 AM, 11.30 AM and 12.00 NOON. Our Sunday classes are at 8.30 AM and 9.00 AM.

Q: Is there pram and wheelchair access to the Swim School?

A: Yes there is direct pram and wheelchair access from the car park onto pool deck.

Q: How do I book my child into a class?

A: If you are a new client wishing to book into a class you can email, SMS or call Carolyn ( or 0408 217 918. You can also pick up a booking form at Reception at Collaroy Plateau. By answering some questions regarding past experience and personality we can establish whether an assessment is required. From there we grade the child and match the level with availability of both the family and the Swim School schedule. On some occassions we may need to waitlist potential clients until we have a suitable position.

Q: How do I know when my child is ready to move from a Waterbaby class to an independent Tadpole class?

A: The timeline from a child moving from a Waterbaby class to a Tadpole class is an individual situation. Rule of thumb, we say around the age of 3yo. This tends to be the time that the child will commence Pre-school and start to become a little more independent. Some children, however, may be ready to move at 2.5yo and others at 3.5yo. When the instructors are looking at this assessment they are not only assessing swimming skills but also social skills. Whether the child (and in some instances, the parents!) is ready to separate from the parent or carer. We should never push this decision but make it in a consultative manner involving the instructor(s), parent and child.

Q: When are assessments of students conducted?

A: The instructors at the Swim School do ongoing assessments. Rather than have a specific day and/or time to do assessments which can be daunting for the child, the Instructors look at the child's progression throughout the term. They will then fill in their term running sheets and hand them in to Carolyn to schedule classes. It may be in some cases that the whole class has progressed so we will adjust the level of the class accordingly. Generally, this adjustment is done between terms. If you have filled out a rebooking form and your child is going up a level Carolyn will contact you. If you do NOT fill out a rebooking form we will assume that you are NOT returning.

Q: How do I rebook my child in for the following term?

A: Rebooking is quite straight-forward. All students will AUTOMATICALLY be rebooked in for the following term. Four weeks before the end of the term rebooking information and invoices for each family will be emailed out. All you need to do is let us know if your child/children is/are NOT returning for that term. We need to know by the last week of term if this is the case in order to offer new clients on our waitlist the opportunity to enroll their child/children.

If your child needs to change days or times your days and times then let us know before the end of the term and we will endeavour to move them to an appropriate place that suits you. If we have assessed that your child is ready to move up then, you will only be contacted to discuss appropriate days and times. 

Q: I noticed that although the Instructor to child/parent ratio in Waterbabies is 1:8, there are often two instructors in the water. Why is that?

A: Although the Austswim recommendation is a parent and child/instructor ratio of 8:1, Collaroy Plateau Swim School endeavours to place two instructors in the water for these classes. This helps to assist parent and child couplings who might be new to the class or who just require some personalised assistance. There are times, due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, that the ratio will be the Austswim standard.

Q: My child is sick or injured. Am I able to organise a make up swimming lesson for them?

A: Yes, if you let us know in advance of their lesson that they are sick or injured (as much time as you possibly can gives us a chance to offer your child's place to someone else who has informed us in advance that their child was sick or injured, for that position for their make up lesson) we will do our best to get them in for a make up lesson once they have recovered. This lesson will be in the current term or perhaps, if you are free, in the School Holiday Program. UNFORTUNATELY, WE DO NOT OFFER MAKE UP CLASSES FOR HOLIDAYS, SCHOOL CAMPS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES ETC.